Wizard Magic Pens

Wizard Magic Pens

Belpard Australia aims to provide useful, different, inventive and interesting products to utilise in various aspects
of living. Whether it is work, rest or play we strive to source products that make it easy,
thoughtful and fun.
Belpard first began as a promotional company, exhibiting products at shows, some of which were and
still are manufactured by Belpard. As the company has grown to larger office and warehouse
space and more products, operations have expanded to a mail order catalogue and website.


magic pens

Magic Pen

For secret messages – Write a word with the white pen. Shade with brown or any other colour and the secret word will appear.For birthday greetings or any other special occasion – Draw consecutive lines with various colours and write the word “Happy” with the white pen. Below the word “Happy” write the word “Birthday” with black and yellow pen, then stroke thick and thin lines across the word “Birthday” to create a unique effect.


Eraser Pen

Shade an area with blue, green or other colour from the eraser set and write over with white pen ( the white pen erases colour back to colour of the paper underneath ). Shade with blue, green or other colour. Draw a Christmas tree, Moon, Merry Chistmas, Snow with the white pen. Shade an area in blue, colour over with pink and cover pink with green.Brighten drawing with final coat of yellow over complete picture.


Color Combination

Draw alternate horizontal lines with yellow
( magic ) and green/blue ( eraser ) or combination from each set. Draw slanting ( 45’ ) with pen across the horizonal lines to create a 3dimensional effect. Draw a spiral ( continuous circle ) with white pen to create an interesting and magnificent pattern.


I have bought 2 boxes for my sons and they love it. Top quality. Sally Shepparton VIC

They keep my children entertained for hours, and have surely sparked their creativity.Margaret Brighton VIC

I bought these one year ago and they are still as colourful as when I first started using them.Jackie Wollongong NSW

These were bought for my grandson who is interested in creative activities. These pens offered a new experience and keeps him busy for long periods of time.Tony Balgowlah NSW

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